7th star studio have a selection of beauty treatments for the ultimate pampering experience. All our beauty therapists are professionally trained, they have expert industry knowledge to advise the best treatment suited to your needs.

Discover our range of beauty treatments, ranging from a luxurious facials to a glowing spray tan. You may want to rejuvenate your skin with an Envirov  Facial or perfect your nails. Either we will provide a relaxing salon experience

Working with award winning brands, treatments include:

– Threading
– Waxing
– Eyebrow and eyelash tint
– Eyebrow lift
– Eyelash lift
– Facial
– Eyelash Extensions
– Eybrow microblading
– Ear piercing

Threading eyebrows

Threading eyebrows is a form of temporary hair removal, an ancient manual technique similar to plucking. It involves the use of a loop of twisted cotton thread which is passed across the skin to trap the hairs and so ‘pluck’ them from their follicles and is mainly performed on the face e.g. Eyebrows, upper lip, chin and sides of face.

Threading eyebrows is also good for individuals with sensitive skin or who have undergone strong acne treatments. So, threading is a natural and effective hair removal method that is softer on your skin.

First at 7th Star Hair & Beauty, our powders and prepares your skin and facial hair. Then, using high-cotton thread, we carefully pulls and slides the thread across your face, multiple times, plucking away the unwanted hair. If you have sensitive, delicate skin, but still want to get rid unwanted facial hair, try threading.


If you want flawless, smooth skin, the waxing experts at this spa have the talent and touch to give you exactly what you want. First at 7th Star Hair & Beauty, our therapist cleans and preps your face. Then an even layer of wax is applied. Next, a strip is placed over the wax and removed in the opposite direction of hair growth.


There’s nothing quite like a facial to make you feel and look great. At 7th Star Hair & Beauty, our assortment of facials offer everything from a quick boost to something more intensive. We’ll cleanse, hydrate and exfoliate, and you’ll leave feeling brighter.

Our facial treatments are specially tailored to suit your individual skin type and personal needs. Whether you’re looking for a nourishing treatment to alleviate dryness, a cleansing facial for the perfect clear skin ahead of a big event, or something to give you a quick glow, our facials will deliver visible results.

Combined with the expertise of our facial therapists, you have the ultimate experience, where you can find something to cure every skin complaint. Uneven skin, lacklustre skin, aging and much more will be swiftly rectified and replaced with healthy, glowing, clear skin.

What is Microblading?

What are the Benefits of Eyebrow Microblading?
Long lasting – they are 100% sweat, water and smudge proof. You won’t have to worry about your eyebrows for 2 years.

They’re designed specifically to you – the shape will be drawn on first using cosmetics. This means you can approve or change them before they become semi-permanent.

Improves your overall appearance – eyebrow microblading improves the colour, density and thickness of your brows. They’ll frame you face like they’re meant to!

Eyelash extension and lash lift

7th Star Hair & Beauty provide a range of different eyelash styles to suit the shape of your eyes and face, great for special occasions or just because you want to cut down on your make-up routine. Our semi-permanent eyelashes will last up to 4 months, provided they are infilled every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking full and beautiful. No more clumping, smudging or the hassle of mascara. Feel glamorous with fresh eyelash extensions. We offer full set, half set, infills and removals.

If you’re looking for a treatment to give you beautiful, natural looking lashes that will last, why not treat yourself to a Lash Perfect Lash Lift today?

This is a natural lash enhancement treatment that will give the appearance of thick, long lashes that can last up to 4 weeks. This is ideal if you’re looking for beautiful lashes without the application of eyelash extensions.

Nail Extension, Acrylic nail and Dipping Gel

7th Star Hair & Beauty offers a “full set” refers to having nail extension, acrylic or gel nails applied to all of your nails. The nail tech should work on your cuticles and will file your natural nails short before applying the new set of nails.

Dipping Gel is an organic product with vitamin E and Calcium. No damaged Nails, long term guaranteed. Even though it’s very strong like Acrylic Nails it’s:
– Odour Free
– Breathable
– Water Resistant
– Maintenance Free
– Resistant to Chipping, Cracking

Dipping Gel is light and comfortable just like your real nails. If you have weak nails, you could have an overlay which makes your nails stronger!

Ear piercing

7th star hair and beauty offers surgical quality ear piercing & is widely reconized. We have a wide range of earrings to choose from and full after care advice is given.

Price includes earrings : £25



Bridal Makeup and Bridal Hair styling

Bridal Makeup and Bridal Hairstyling
Weather it is soft, bold, or fused Bridal Look – at 7th star studio ,we will have the perfect look for your wedding. Azita herself is a professional makeup artist who has worked with numerous celebrities in giving them the perfect look. Even though Azita is proficient in every type to makeup to include – fashion, commercial and editorial – her favourite still is Bridal Makeup.

Our team of professional and qualified Makeup Artists (Bridal MUA’s) are hand picked by Azita herself and they work under Azita’s supervision. The cosmetic products we use include MAC, Illamasqua, Urban Decay, Karaja, Kryolan , TLG amongst others.

Bridal Hairstyling
For Brides who do not have their mind made up – they can rely on our expert advise to do a beautiful Bridal Hairstyle. We do encourage Brides and customers to show us their own inspiration and we will try our best to replicate that Bridal Hairstyling for you.

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