Deluxe Facial

Sometimes our tired skin just needs to be pampered and rejuvenated. Our Deluxe Skin Care treatment is designed to cleanse, exfoliate and revitalize, leaving your skin fresher, younger and happier. This is a complete treatment which is ideal for all skin types. At Salus Beauty & Day Spa Manly our deluxe skin care can help you reveal firmer, younger skin.

The Treatment
First, we deeply cleanse your skin and exfoliate the surface. This removes dead skin cells which can dull the surface of the skin. We then apply a luxurious collagen mask with vitamins C, E, and A to rejuvenate your face and décolletage. You will enjoy the sweet aromas of the mask and feel the moisture invigorating your skin. We then finish with a facial and shoulder massage.

– Ideal for deep tissue firming in aging skin
– Moisturizes & nourishes tired skin
– Relaxes & soothes the mind
– Smoothes the skin and neck area