Fat Freezing

What is Fat Freezing?
Unwanted fat does not just affect your dress size, it changes how you look at yourself in the mirror and how you feel about your figure. 

Even if you watch what you eat and spend lots of time in the gym, some fat will not move so easily. This can lead to certain areas of your body being far from what you desire. However, using plastic surgery and liposuction to fix these problem areas will be out of the question for many people. 

Is Fat Freezing for me?
Fat freezing can help you to target specific areas of your body and enhance your fat loss, without any invasive procedures. By targeting the problem areas that you identify, fat freezing can help you to achieve the body shape that you want, without any costly or painful surgery.

With this safe and painless procedure, Este Medical – renowned for providing fat freezing in and near to London and Birmingham – can help you to change the appearance of your problem areas and regain self-confidence. This page will explain the fat freezing procedures that we offer, how they work and the results that you can gain from fat freezing.  Get in touch with 

How does it work?

How does it work?
This hand-piece uses vacuum pressure and freezing technology to target the deeper and tricky to shift layers of fat in your problem areas, without affecting the collagen or elasticity in the skin.

Once frozen, the body’s lymphatic system works to remove and reduce the stimulated fat cells from the problem areas. This is a process called cryolipolysis. The fact that this technology stimulates a natural process means that your figure can naturally adjust to these changes and produce long-lasting results. 

What technology do we use?
At 7th star studio, we use the perfecteme system ® procedure, which was scientifically developed in Europe to get rid of stubborn fat from problem areas.

The method is an alternative to lipo and works by freezing fat tissue from the outside of the body using a specially designed hand-piece.