Mesotherapy hair treatments


Mesotherapy (Hair & Scalp)
Mesotherapy has gained ground over the years as one of the safest and reliable means of addressing different skin conditions. Here at 7th star hair and beauty studio, we focus on its use for skin rejuvenation and boosting and revitalization of the hair follicles.

Mesotherapy is a unique treatment which involves a once-weekly series of injections containing active ingredients to stimulate hair growth. By administering these active ingredients to the mesoderm (middle layer of the skin) the treatment stimulates strong hair and promotes growth of thicker healthier hair.

Significant Points & Benefits about Mesotherapy Treatment:

Mesotherapy is a procedure of providing the scalp with boost of vitamin & improving blood flow for hair regrowth. It treats the bald patches, and activates the follicles to show positive results for hair regrowth in both men & women.

Who is suitable for Mesothrapy?

You may be a good candidate for Mesotherapy for scalp (revitalization of hair follicles) if:

• You are experiencing chronic hair loss
• Progressive Baldness
• Patchy Hair loss
• Progressive Thinning of the Hair
• You are not allergic to the mix of ingredients used in the procedure

Mesotherapy is not licensed for use in children and, as with most treatments is not permitted in pregnancy and when breastfeeding.

What is the downtime?

Because Mesotherapy is noninvasive, there usually isn’t any downtime. You will be able to return to their regular activities right away.


how long should I wait to wash my hair sfter a treatment session?


You can wash your hair after 24 hours of Mesotherapy with your routine shampoo.

How long before I notice the effect of treatment?

It will usually take around two to three sessions for results to start becoming noticeable, though some clients have reported seeing benefits later and some see results after only a single treatment. However, two to three is the average. The specific results you will end up seeing are increased growth along the hairline, improved hair density, and a healthier appearance and texture for your hair.

How long dose the effect of treatment last?

If you receive more than four treatment sessions you can expect a greater than 80 percent success rate and long-lasting results.


How many treatment sessions will hi. thanks you for your requests . it is varies depending on the length and thickness of the hair also your current hair I Need?

We will work with you, monitor the effect of treatment and determine the number of treatment sessions that you will need for your desired outcome.

Who/what is it for?

  • Prevention of hair loss

  • Revitalization and strengthening of hair follicles

  • Hydration of the scalp

  • Nutrition of the dermis and hair follicles

Price for one Session: £130