Nail enhancement

7th Star Hair & Beauty offers a “full set” refers to having nail extension, acrylic or gel nails applied to all of your nails. The nail tech should work on your cuticles and will file your natural nails short before applying the new set of nails.

We use quality materials and we will advise the best length and shape to suit your lifestyle. If you fancy something different – let us advise a creative nail finish for special occasions.

Gel or Acrylic Extensions
Gel or Acrylic extensions are designed to extend the length of the natural nail by using a special building gel, acrylic powder by sculpting or using plastic tips. Includes: nail and cuticle grooming, extension of the nail, choice of gel colour and topcoat.

We will file away the infill/regrowth line and reapply gel/acrylic so the nail is as good as new and apply gel polish of your choice.

Dipping Gel is an organic product with vitamin E and Calcium. No damaged Nails, long term guaranteed. Even though it’s very strong like Acrylic Nails it’s:
– Odour Free
– Breathable
– Water Resistant
– Maintenance Free
– Resistant to Chipping, Cracking

Dipping Gel is light and comfortable just like your real nails. If you have weak nails, you could have an overlay which makes your nails stronger!