Skin Tightening

How Does The Treatment Work?
What is Skin Tightening?

There are a variety of elements that can cause our skin to lose elasticity over the years. These include genetics, weight fluctuations, and the natural ageing process. Thankfully, there are a variety of skin tightening treatment options available to help with this. The perfecteme system is one of the most advanced products for skin tightening. The platform combines the latest innovation in radiofrequency and ultrasound technology to produce effective and customised skin tightening treatments which give long-lasting and natural results. 

If you’re interested in skin tightening treatments in the UK then get in touch with us today to find out more information about how we can help. 

How Will Skin Tightening Benefit Me?
One of the main benefits of this treatment is the ability to select a specific device that can combat the exact skin issues and areas you are wishing to eliminate. This means it can create effective and targeted results. You will feel confident knowing that your worries are being dealt with.  The treatment will replace and rejuvenate your collagen fibres, which will result in brand-new smoother, tighter skin and a youthful looking appearance. Overall, the main benefits from this treatment include:

– The stimulation of new collagen production
– Lightening, tightening and contouring of the skin
– Improved texture and tone
– Smoothed wrinkles and crinkly skin
– Help to bolster skin against future signs of ageing

Frequently Asked Questions
Ultrasound and Radiofrequency energy sources are used in conjunction to produce effective skin tightening results. Ultrasound energy is distributed evenly through the area that is being treated which then disrupts any stubborn fat cells. Then, the radio frequency produces deep heat in the tissues which leads to a deeper and concentrated treatment. This combination of products results in effective and powerful skin tightening results.

The Cold Ultrasound Shear technology will selectively target fat cells while leaving any surrounding tissue unharmed. This is because the wave vibrations disrupt the membranes of the fat cell, which results in a gradual breakdown and release of stored fat. Any damaged fat cells are disposed of via the lymphatic system of the body. 

How Many Sessions Will I Need?
This is personal to the individual and the area(s) that are being treated. However, in general, it’s recommended that most people undertake four to six sessions, but you will start to see results from your second session. 

The number of sessions you will require will be settled upon in your initial consultation. This will give you the chance to plan sessions and form an idea of the cost of your overall treatment. At your consultation you should ask as many questions as possible, and find out all the information about your chosen treatment and other treatments that may be on offer. 

Remember, in some cases skin tightening treatments may not be possible for certain individuals. 

What Results Can I Expect To See?
You will start to see results from your second session, which means you can start feeling amazing quickly. You will start to see an improvement in the elasticity of your skin in the area you have targeted. You will look more youthful and your skin will appear more vibrant and rejuvenated. The great news is that these results can last up to two years if you look after your skin and attend top-up sessions. 

Is The Treatment Painful?
The great news is that treatment is virtually pain-free. Thanks to the use of a gradual heating system and an integrated cooling system, the procedure is much more comfortable and painless. There is no downtime with this procedure – you can return to your normal activities right after the treatment. This means it can easily be slotted into your daily schedule. 

How Long Is The Procedure?
The length of the procedure will depend on the area that is being targeted and the number of areas being targeted in one session. Since each case is individual, it’s hard to provide an exact number. However, in general, you can expect treatments to last around 30 minutes to one hour. This means you can return to your normal routine afterwards, and you could even have a treatment scheduled during your lunch break at work for the ultimate convenience. No downtime is necessary with this procedure.